Amy’s Story – Supporting Clients to Follow their Passions

Amy with her painting

Amy's Artwork

Supporting Clients to Follow their Passions.  

Exceptional Support Built on Trust and Respect

Connecting people, communities and families is at the heart of everything we do at Felicity Holistic Care. We believe in a holistic approach to care, that includes supporting clients to follow their passions and meet their goals.

We are extremely proud of the Felicity Holistic Care team who are dedicated in supporting clients to lead fulfilling and happy lives.
This is a collective effort, with many members of the team contributing to these positive outcomes. It is the reason why we do this work every day, helping individuals achieve their goals and living life to the fullest.

An example of the exceptional support that Felicity Holistic Care provides, is the 24 hour care of a client Amy in one of our Supported Independent Living (SIL) homes. The experienced and dedicated Support Workers at Felicity Holistic Care have invested time and energy to understand and connect with Amy. By developing an authentic relationship based on trust and respect, Amy feels happy in her home and has a fond regard for her support team.

Amy’s family are also extremely pleased with the care that their daughter has received. “We are so happy that we have found a residence for our daughter that is so responsive to her needs and ours. We have every confidence in the staff that work and care for Amy and know that she regards them as her friends and peers”.

Amy has some specific needs from her carers and because of her limited communication, she can become very anxious and have behavioural challenges, that can quickly escalate. Amy’s parents have praised the team at Felicity Holistic Care Staff who “have responded to these needs with care and have attained specialist support to assist”.

Excellent Communication is Imperative

Felicity Holistic Care is known for their excellent communication and availability, with the needs of the client and family, always at the forefront. This is not always the case with other providers and is something that the team pride themselves on, offering a collaborative and responsive approach to care. As Amy’s parents have found, “The staff are always available to us as parents and open to help anyway they can. We have not really experienced this before and are very grateful for it’.

Doing the Activities that Make You Happy!

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our Supported Independent Living homes, are actually a home and not just a house. Our homes provide care, support and access to activities that bring joy, to ensure a happy lifestyle.

According to her parents “Amy is made to feel she is living in a normal family environment which is very comforting. Felicity Holistic Care support her in things that make her very happy and help her deal with anxiety, such as painting and crafting”.

Felicity Holistic Care Residential and Complex Care Manager, Zytel Hircoe has seen the dedication of her staff produce life changing outcomes for many clients  “Being able to witness the joy in the daily life of Amy, to see her connect with our team and develop a warm relationship, built on mutual respect, has been an incredible experience.”

Amy’s parent’s sum it up best – “When your child is happy no matter what age, then you are happy”.

We Can Create Your Happiness Plan 

Happiness is at the heart of what Felicity Holistic Care do, who they are, and what they want all their clients to experience in their lives. The word Felicity itself is the state of being happy. They offer a unique, integrated approach to providing client empowered support, driven by each participants Happiness Plan. This tailored support plan considers the key factors to a fulfilling life, developing individualised programs to achieve life aspirations and ultimately enhance happiness.