Felicity Holistic Care believes everyone should have a comfortable, safe, and happy home to live in. Home is where heart is, and Felicity Holistic Care are pleased to offer NDIS eligible participants Supported Independent Living (SIL) Accommodation options via our trusted partners.

If you are 18 years of age and have SIL funding as part of your NDIS package, Felicity Holistic Care can help you find your new home. Our team of dedicated workers will help you feel supported and in control of how you want to live.

What is SIL ?

Supported Independent Living, also referred to as SIL, is a NDIS funded support that enables participants to live as independently as possible, where, and how they choose.

Some SIL participants will be eligible to live in a shared home, while others may choose to live alone. Depending on your funding and preferences, our team will help you find your perfect living situation!

What does SIL Accommodation include?

  • Personal care support
  • Cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking, gardening and activities
  • Making and attending appointments and other home and lifestyle skills
  • Medication management
  • Support with Household care
  • 24-hour care with overnight stay if required

NDIS SIL funds do not cover the cost of rent, utilities, food, personal spending, and community activities.

Why Felicity Holistic Care?

Felicity Holistic Care’s experienced and friendly Support Workers assist participants in pursuing their goals within the home, developing independence, and strengthening relationships with their families and the community.

We can assist you in tailoring supports according to your requirements and preferences, to make you feel safe and comfortable within your home.

We partner with some of the best SDA and SIL housing providers to help you find a new home where Felicity Holistic Care provides SIL services, or we can support you in your own home.

Who will I live with?

SIL is most commonly used in shared living arrangements; however, some SIL participants are eligible to live on their own. Felicity Holistic Care will work to support all participants in the home. Our team takes great care and consideration in matching residents. We will work closely to find out more about who you are, taking into consideration age, personality, likes and dislikes to find the perfect match.

SIL Accommodation

Felicity Holistic Care currently offers SIL services in conjunction with our accommodation providers in Melbourne, Western Melbourne, Melton, Geelong, Shepparton and Ballarat. Our list of available homes is growing regularly. We invite you to contact us to be kept up to date on new properties and regions.