Wendy – Living Independently in her home

Wendy Supported Independent Living

Living Independently in your home.  

Support – when, where and how you want. 

Living Independently in your own home is an important goal for many people living with a disability. Felicity Holistic Care supports clients pursuing this goal, providing Supported Independent Living (SIL) homes and also working with various property developers to deliver SIL services in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) homes throughout Victoria.

Felicity Holistic Care clients take the lead in deciding how they want to be supported. The providers role is to assist them on their journey in developing their independence and enabling them to live the life they want.

Wendy is one client who is enjoying being in “her” house and living her best life! Felicity Holistic Care asked Wendy and family member Julie to share some feedback on how this support has helped Wendy achieve her goals.

Felicity Holistic Care can help you achieve your goals, providing support in your home.

We thank Wendy and Julie for chatting to us and sharing Wendy’s experience of living in her own SDA home, with the support of Felicity Holistic Care.

How has Felicity Holistic Care supported Wendy and her family? 

Julie: Everything, Felicity Holistic Care have been flexible in supporting Wendy and have really been able to put Wendy first. The team has done everything required to support Wendy and I have been able to give more and more responsibility to them which allows me freedom to live my own life.

Wendy: Staff help me with cooking and showering. Staff do my groceries and my washing. Staff make sure I get up on time so I can go to programs.

How have you found Felicity Holistic Care to be different from other providers?

Julie: Really personalised approach, putting Wendy first. Staff easily adapt to what Wendy needs and are flexible with Wendy’s changing needs. Staff are knowledgeable around Wendy and are able to identify any issues Wendy may have. Staff have been proactive in initiating contact with allied health and making sure Wendy is safe and supported.

Wendy: I like my staff, they are really beautiful and good help.

Would you like to share any other success stories of life in your own home?

Julie: Wendy’s first birthday since moving out of home was a success. Wendy enjoyed her party and it was great to see her looking forward to her birthday again. I was unable to be there and the staff made it so wonderful that Wendy barely noticed that I wasn’t there.

Wendy: My trophy for moving out of home!

In what way has Felicity Care made a difference in your life? 

Julie: I have been able to go back to being Wendy’s sister and not her carer. I have more time for my family and myself. I am able to spend meaningful time with Wendy.

Wendy: I like living in my own house. Staff are good and make me feel safe at home.

Felicity Holistic Care: Our staff have seen Wendy grow to develop her life skills and is seeking to use those skills on a daily basis. She has increased her independence and personal skills immensely. We are thrilled to see Wendy becoming more actively involved in her own life and choices.

We can help you create your independent life.

At Felicity Holistic Care we offer a unique, integrated approach to providing client empowered support, driven by each participants Happiness Plan. This tailored support plan considers the key factors to a fulfilling life, developing individualised programs to achieve aspirations and ultimately enhance happiness.

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