Meet our Occupational Therapist – Tina

Tina OT at Felicity Holistic Care

Celebrating Occupational Therapy Week 

One of the Allied Health services provided by Felicity Holistic Care

Occupational Therapy provides support to individuals who find it difficult to take part in the activities that matter to them. An Occupational Therapist (OT) works with clients to identify skills, strengths, and any challenges encountered when undertaking tasks in everyday life.

Who can benefit from Occupational Therapy?

  • Individuals of any age who have physical, sensory or cognitive problems or impairments.
  • Individuals who experience an impaired range of motion, strength or have chronic pain.
  • Individuals experiencing challenges with gross and fine motor skills, sensory processing, social and play skills, executive functioning skills, and visual motor skills.
  • Training and education for parents and caregivers.
  • Individuals who want to increase their independence in activities of daily living.

This year, OT Week runs from 23-29 October with World Occupational Therapy Day being held on 27 October 2023. We took time out to chat with one of our amazing OT’s Tina to find out more about what OT’s do and what she enjoys about the profession.

Meet our Occupational Therapist – Tina on World Occupational Therapy Day.

We thank Tina and her clients for generously sharing their time with us and allowing us to learn more about how Occupational Therapy can transform lives.

Can you tell us about your background and experience as an Occupational Therapist?

I completed my Bachelor of Occupational Therapy overseas (New Delhi, India) and had my qualifications assessed by AHPRA to register to practice as an OT in Australia. I have over 15 years of experience working as an Occupational Therapist and have been fortunate enough to work both in the pediatric & aged care sectors. I have had the opportunity to work across different organisations, ranging from small private clinics, to major hospitals in Melbourne. The exposure I had to complex physical and mental disorders and the needs of my clients, has enhanced my learning, skills, and ability to provide them with strategies, to help them be more independent in their daily living.

What inspired you to work in the field of Occupational Therapy?

I have always had a great amount of zeal for mental health. I believe having sound mental health is really important, even to perform the simplest daily living tasks. Being an OT, I have always been able to successfully make a positive impact in my client’s lives by helping them learn to self-regulate and undertake activities in their daily lives, making them less dependent on others for their basic needs. It was the desire to help people living with disabilities lead a better and more independent life that inspired me to work in the field of Occupational Therapy.

Could you share a success story or memorable moment from your career where you made a significant impact on a client’s life?

I have been fortunate enough to receive positive feedback from my colleagues, my managers, and most importantly, my clients, who are individuals who live with mental and physical disabilities and their families. One success story that was very memorable was when I was able to bring about a considerable improvement in the behaviour of one of my paediatric clients, enhancing his way of doing day-to-day activities and other general tasks that he was unable and unwilling to do before. The improvement was especially noticeable to his parents, who were very appreciative and thankful to see their child thriving and confident. They commended me on my efforts and shared his success story with other people in need in the community.

It is such a beautiful feeling and gives immense satisfaction to be able to make a positive difference in someone’s life. At that moment, you know all your studies, experience, and effort have been worth it.

What strategies or approaches do you use to assess the unique needs and goals of your clients?

A simple strategy that I follow is “to actively listen” to a client’s needs and problems first and then take the time to make observations (from an OT perspective) and work on solutions to assist them in leading a more fulfilling and independent life.

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