SIL Houses

How SIL houses can help you?

NDIS Housing is an innovative approach to delivering home development through the employment of National Disability Insurance…

Abby Vidler, a 17-year-old with no forearms, smiles happily at the camera

Born with no forearms, 17-year-old Abby Vidler sets her sights on the Paralympics

Abby Vidler was born without forearms but it was not until she started primary school that she realised she had a disability…

Wheelchair Identity - Felicity Holistic Care

“My wheelchair is definitely part of my identity but it doesn’t define me”

Lily wishes able-bodied people knew the truth about how she thinks of her wheelchair….

International Wheelchair Day

International Wheelchair Day

Each year on March 1st we celebrate International Wheelchair Day to honor the positive impact wheelchairs have on people with disabilities…

Lego Braille bricks - Felicity Holistic Care

Lego Braille bricks

LEGO Braille Bricks make their way down under.
This new toy normalises braille and allows sighted kids and those who are blind or have low vision to play together…


Penguin Bloom

Based on a true story starring Naomi Watts, Jackie Weaver and Andrew Lincoln, this movie is a ‘raw and authentic’ representation of disability…

Walk Wheelchair

Do you want to explore the great outdoors?

With wheelchair accessible trails, some Australian National Parks offer TrailRiders free for hire. TrailRiders are a piece of equipment which allows a person with mobility restrictions to access tracks that are not wheelchair accessible, including walks with stairs…

‘Quiet Space’ low-sensory program

‘Quiet Space’ low-sensory program

Kmart launches ‘Quiet Space’ low-sensory program with autistic people in mind.
Every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm, the “Quiet Space” program will involve changes to the in-store environment, including dimmed lighting, quieter music,…

Discover 8 sensory Christmas crafts for kids

Discover 8 sensory Christmas crafts for kids

Sensory activities can benefit children with developmental disorders or disabilities such as autism in several ways, as they can help with stimulating the brain and improving sensory processing systems, communication skills, coordination and motor skills.

International day of people with disability

International Day of Disabled Persons – IDPwD

Today is a special day, it’s the International Day of Disabled Persons – IDPwD. The theme of this year’s celebration is “seeing the ability in disability”.
Felicity Holistic Care has always shared this vision…